Our Coffee

What can we say?… we love good coffee and we want to share that passion. We wanted to ensure we had the best coffee around so we took advice from one of the best independent roasters in the UK and he introduced us to our gourmet supplier, Easy Jose. Founded by Jose Melim, a UK South West Region Barista Champion and one of the country’s elite baristas, Easy Jose embodied everything we wanted in a specialist supplier.

Jose’s artisan and growing reputation is built on providing high quality, distinctive roasts and blends to a select group of customers. He ensures his coffee offers something great, unexpected or memorable and is personally responsible for every seasonal blend.

He also practices ethical trade and is passionate about the estates and farms from which he sources his supplies. He believes in equal treatment, fair prices and in a purpose beyond profit.

Everything about Jose’s business mirrored the values we saw as vital to ours. As trained baristas, we aim to provide excellently produced and ethically sourced coffee for our customers.